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Legal Services for Business

Globalization, e-commerce, financial crisis, National and European law day-by-day more pressing and cogent, anti-laundering laws, are just an example of borsa lavoroseveral social and legal phenomena that make entrepreneur daily job more difficult and challenging. Nowadays, entrepreneurs and managers’ traditional skills in marketing, management, merchandising and/or risk management, are no longer sufficient unless these attitudes are simultaneously equipped with suitable and prompt legal support. Since nobody can demand to be proficient and acknowledged in all fields and so widely educated, we believe that a company’s success cannot come and be durable in time regardless of an effective legal support aiming to prevent and/or sort out the several legal problems that day-by-day arise out of commercial relationships. Therefore, legal support at Shareholders and Board of Directors meetings, company’s in-house and external Auditors supervision, National, International, Import/Export, Commercial Agreements, SPA’s  drafting  and negotiations, mergers and acquisitions transactions, judicial litigation, are just some of the legal services provided by Chiaramonte Law Firm and intended for those companies and enterprises which aim to account on an “external partner” who takes care of the legal issues and so guarantying an adequate protection to the business in a ever more challenging market scenario. Our clients can also rely on prompt, direct and constant relationship with the Firm and its lawyer in charge, through distant-contact means such as phone, skype, emails, video conference and conference calls during the entire working day. I n such a way, managers and entrepreneurs shall not slow down and/or stop their  operational activities and jobs, thanks to the technological solutions provided by the Firm.